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8 Health Benefits Of Cloves You Should Know

What are cloves? A tree known as Syzygium Aromaticum has flower buds. When these flower buds get dried then these are known as cloves. We generally use these in the form of a spice. But we can also use these to cure a few problems related to our health. To cure bad breath, digestive issues and tooth decay the clove serves as a traditional remedy. Some people believe that we can also take it in the form of an aphrodisiac. Now I am going to tell you 8 health benefits of cloves you should know.

How will you add cloves in your regular diet?

For a long time, the Indian kitchens’ integral part is the clove. In India these are known as “Lavanga” or “Laung”. You can use these in the form of a fine powder or a whole bud for those desi recipes that are traditional. In garam masala you can include clove. In desserts, warm beverages or teas you can add the clove powder. But what is the need to add this in these drinks? Jaggery, honey or sugar give a sweet taste. For complementing this taste, we add the clove powder. In the preparation of soups, meat curries, dals, biryani and pulao, adding small amounts of cloves will be a good idea. In these items, the clove gives a tangy taste and invigorating fragrance.

Some benefits of cloves for health

It helps in digestion

For increasing digestive motility, it stimulates enzyme secretions. In this way it improves digestion. It is possible to ease nausea, dyspepsia, gastric irritability and flatulence by taking cloves.

For joints and bones, it is very good

Flavonoids and eugenol are hydro-alcoholic compounds and are present in cloves. For increasing bones’ mineral content and bone density, cloves help a lot. There are a lot of benefits of regularly eating cloves. Individuals having osteoporosis and weak bones can get a lot of help from these.

For controlling diabetes, it helps a lot 

If the levels of blood sugar are high in someone then it will be very good for him to take clove. For improving the sensitivity of insulin, cloves play a very good role. The insulin functions efficiently because of cloves.

It supports in boosting immune system

In order to give you protection against virus, fungus and harmful bacteria the clove contains an ingredient known as eugenol. For decreasing the blood’s toxicity, the clove has a potential to purify blood. It stimulates the white blood cells which resist the diseases and so we can say that it has anti-viral properties.  

It helps in reducing inflammation and body pain

An anti-inflammatory property is present in a clove ingredient known as eugenol. In the body it stimulates pain-receptors that help in easing pain. In any normal pain, inflammation and arthritis you can get relief by the extract or oil of clove.

In relieving toothache, it helps a lot

Germicidal properties are present in clove oil and so for mouth ulcers, sore gums, toothaches and dental pain it is a very good remedy. You can use its oil as a dental anaesthetic and this has been approved by American Dental Association.

For preventing cancer, clove helps a lot

Eating more cloves protects you from cancer. Anticarcinogenic properties are present in the clove’s ingredient known as eugenol. For controlling the early stages of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer, it helps a lot.

It helps in improving the health of liver

In promoting liver health, clove helps a lot because it contains a number of compounds that are beneficial. Eugenol is the name of a compound of that type. In a research, eugenol or clove oil mixtures were given to the rats having fatty liver. It was found that in decreasing oxidative stress, reducing inflammation and improving liver functioning both mixtures played a very good role. According to a different research, liver cirrhosis signs got reversed with a clove’s ingredient known as eugenol. One more research showed that glutathione-S-transferases’ (GSTs) levels were decreased when for 1 week the supplements of eugenol were taken. In preventing the disease of liver, cloves can help a lot because a large number of antioxidants are present in these.

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