Best Video Streaming Apps for iOS in 2021

Streaming and broadcasting platforms have brought many opportunities for us to entertain. Streaming platforms have become one of the vital sources to form a connection with your audience. Many entrepreneurs, content creators, writers, authors signup on such media platforms and try to deliver the content that entertains their targeted audience.

With such streaming’s, they increase their fans or followers and help them create a personal brand. But looking forth from the perspective of entrepreneurs, they are indulged in the video streaming app development, bringing them in the market with the support of a marketing strategy.

Today, we are going to have a look at such video streaming platforms.

Let’s go.

The Best Video Streaming Platform for iOS in 2021

Watching your favorite live shows or streaming a movie that you loved watching in your childhood is fun. Let’s recall some of those video streaming platforms that can make you feel young again.

Amazon Prime

It is one of the best video streaming platforms of 2021. With a variety of genres, you get the power to play as you wish. Though Amazon Prime is the extension of Amazon services, it never lets you feel less comfortable watching your favorite series or movie from a place of leisure. With a Prime subscription, Amazon empowers you with 2-day delivery, music streaming, some cloud storage, and of course, the video streaming service.


Crackle is free! Well, you heard it correctly; if you are interested in watching a series and don’t want to have a subscription, go Crackle. It’s the best video streaming platform that you can use for free. It’s not

just free but also empowers its end-user with unique features that help you easily find the content of your choice. Thereby it’s free, there are some cons it carries forward to its users, such as it drains the battery too fast, and sometimes the app starts to buffer and heats your device. The only thing that may irritate you is in-video ads. If you can temper down on them, it’s fantastic. Go and use Crackle for free.

Disney +

In the monotonous league of video streaming apps, there is another strong competitor in line. It’s Disney’s official video streaming service, allowing its viewers to binge-watch many TV shows and movies, including Star Wars and Marvel Universe. It is a subscription-based app, but as you subscribe to the app, you also get the subscription to watch premium content of ESPN and Hulu.


Looking for more than TV shows and movies, get Hulu. The app is a subscription-based platform on which you can have binge-watch classical film to the last release series. Not only the regular streaming makes Hulu an ideal choice, but live TV on an app where your kids are busier in watching BTS. Sit in a leisure place a watch your favorite baseball game with no interruptions.

Movies Anywhere

A video streaming platform that is freshly arrived is offering you a wide selection of movies for every age group. This application supports various platforms such as iTunes, Vudu, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Video. Investing in Movies Anywhere is not a deal of loss if you get a Chromecast as a feature. Though the app is free to use, the movie’s price may vary some cents as it becomes the third-party platform to let you binge-watch.


Netflix, well, if you love to binge-watch, you are aware of Netflix more than a decade ago. If we talk in terms of popularity, yes, Netflix is something that has covered different horizons around the globe. A subscription-based video streaming platform mostly watched for the popular series Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, etc. Netflix supports 4K, Chromecast, Miracast, Smart TVs, and Game Consoles.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the pioneer in the video streaming industry. It servers the basic features such as popular TV channels, NEWS channels, local sports channels, and more. The movie feature allows you to sort the movies according to your interest. All it has a con that buffers once your device starts to heat.

Larix Broadcaster

iOS users are fore fond of using Larix Broadcaster. As listed in the 8th position, it doesn’t mean that it is not a worthy app to use. Larix has a rating of 4.5 on Android. Though it’s free to use the app, Larix comes with many advantages that you can use to enrich your viewing experience.

A few features such as it supports UltraHD resolution to have crystal clear view. A live feature that runs on H.264/AAC encoding allows you have a glitch-free experience. RIST protocol streaming in Push mode is available for version 0.2.0RC2. iPhone 11 Dual/Triple camera system support includes a wide-angle and telephoto camera.

The Takeaway

Talking about video streaming apps and their popularity, you might have felt the need to have an app that can serve the people of your community. A video streaming app development company can help you have a deal of profit while you can be called in as one of the entrepreneurs contributing to your community’s change. Get an app for you today.

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