The Power of Well-Designed Eyelash Packaging Box

The role of wholesale custom eyelash packaging box in marketing is widely acknowledged, well supported, and commonly used as the core part of every cosmetics brand’s marketing and packaging strategy. The Packaging Republic’s dedicated team of packaging experts suggests that the tangible and symbolic role of eyelash boxes’ design at the point of purchase makes […]

cibi score

How to Maintain A Credit Score for a SME/MSME

An Organization may it be SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) or MSME full form (Micro, small or medium enterprises) while applying for a business loan, all lenders check the Credit score or CIBIL score of the businessman which is really an important eligibility criteria.   The loan providers approve the loan application only if the business owner has a high CIBIL score. A CIBIL score is something that represents the creditworthiness of the individual in terms of number. Higher CIBIL scores higher the chances of […]