How to Plan a Long-distance moving

While moving the home to the other side of the country, you need to remember that relocation is not a small process but that requires proper planning. The relocation process begins at the moment you decide to move. And you need to calculate everything to ensure the moving process goes smooth and hassle-free. 

Beginning a life with a dark note is the last thing you want. Here, we provide a guide on how to plan your long-distance move.

Make an early planning

One of the common questions related to moving is – how early should I start planning? You are moving thousands of miles away and do not want anything to miss out on. The early you start the process, the better it is. You need to approach multiple movers and collect a minimum of up to 4 long-distance moving company quotes and compare them to decide which one suits them best. Also, there are many things that need to be addressed. Begin with documenting every activity in a dairy. Just note everything you want to accomplish. Write down the various demands and prepare a checklist. 

 You need to stay on schedule

Once you make the checklist, it is important to stick to it. Several things like utility installation and school enrollment are time-sensitive and you don’t want to keep it to the last moment.  

 Prepare a moving estimate

Calculate the moving cost and compare it with your budget. While you prepare an estimate, it needs to be realistic and it should consider the volume of goods, distance to be covered, types of goods, and the service you expect. 

 Grab multiple moving quotes

Do not limit to just one moving company. You need to have at least 4 moving company quotes. The more quotes you have, the stronger your demands will be. Once you have comfortable quotes from different moving companies, you can negotiate for better deals. 

 Hire a reliable moving company

The moving company you hire needs to be the best in the market, in terms of cost and services. The moving company quote should include packing your household items, loading and unloading the truck, driving the truck to the new home, and unwrapping the items. The type of workers and quality of packing materials should be of high quality and you need to confirm every aspect mentioned in the deal before sign a contract. 

 Plan to move to the new home in winter

Plan your moving in winter. Summer is the peak season for moving and almost everyone will be packing their stuff during this time of the year. The long day and, sunny climate contribute to it. As a result, long-distance moving quotes will always be costly in summer. Instead, things will be smoother in winter. And you have bright chances to negotiate.  

 The packing quality needs to be perfect

Do not compromise on the packing quality type. As your house may have many special items, the mover you hire must have the expertise to pack the belongings perfectly. You need to travel thousands of miles and the household items need to be safe till the last moment. 

 Hire a company trained to move special items

Confirm whether the mover can move special items at home. No normal packing case is enough to shield special items at home. And for that, you need to hire specially trained laborers. Before you agree to a long distance moving company quote, talk about this with the mover.

Some of the special items at home are:

  • Books and bookshelves

  • Glassware and chinaware

  • Crystal items

  • Music instruments

  • Guns

  • Antiques and gifts

  • Aquarium with fish

 Effective planning is the key to successful moving. Research about processes and make a checklist. Stick on it and ensure you reach the new home safely and affordably.

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